The Rising Popularity Of Tilt And Turn Windows

The Rising Popularity Of Tilt And Turn Windows

The Rising Popularity Of Tilt And Turn Windows

Are tilt and turn windows the next big thing in home improvement? In the past few years, we’ve noticed these distinctive windows becoming more popular. They’ve been widely used in office buildings and hotels for a long time, but they’re now finding their way into domestic settings. 

Tilt and turn windows are distinguished by their dual-opening function. As the name suggests, they can either open sideways on a hinge or be tilted open from the base. This makes them incredibly versatile and gives them a few advantages, especially when it comes to ventilation and cleaning. Tilt and turn windows allow homeowners to let in ample amounts of fresh air and because they can be opened wide, they’re easy to clean too. 

Their aesthetics add to their appeal. Tilt and turn windows have a very modern design and look terrific in contemporary homes. A new build with matching tilt and turn windows combined with an impressive composite door and a solid roof conservatory has tremendous kerb appeal. For anyone looking for a highly fashionable aesthetic, tilt and turn windows are a must-have. 

That said, they haven’t taken over as the most popular type of window…yet. Casement windows are still the most widespread style in UK homes and there’s no sign of that changing. One day the gap might close and tilt and turn windows may overtake them, but for now, casement windows are in the lead. Whatever your preference though, at DL Windows we can help. If you’re looking for new tilt and turn or casement windows for your Wiltshire home, get in touch. We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient service and can’t wait to work with you.

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