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Rice Property Services are the premier window and doors experts in Warwickshire, serving the people of Nuneaton, Solihull, Tamworth, Coventry and more. We’re proud to introduce our range of high-quality tilt and turn windows from Liniar, perfect for your next home improvement project. 

uPVC Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are often seen in office buildings and hotels, but did you know that they’re popular in homes as well? These multifunctional windows have two opening methods; swinging open on a hinge or tilting at an angle. This is making them increasingly popular, especially for homeowners with a taste for the modern. 

Tilt and turn windows are great for increasing home ventilation. Open them on the hinges and they’ll let in ample air, helping to make rooms feel larger and brighter. But if you want a subtler breeze or it happens to be raining, you can tilt them open instead. The rainwater will just drain away from your house and you’ll still get a light, natural airflow. 

Our tilt and turn windows benefit from slim sightlines. They have wide glazing areas to let in plenty of light, helping to brighten up the home and increase the sense of space. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient delivery and installation times, so you won’t be kept waiting. Contact us for more.  

More colours available on request

Chartwell Green
Anthracite Grey
Irish Oak
Golden Oak

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Features & Benefits

Stylish Designs

Available in either a sculptured suite or a contemporary bevel look, tilt and turn windows are a stylish focal point.

Energy Efficient

Liniar tilt and turn uPVC windows can achieve A+ energy ratings and U-values as low as 0.9 W/m²K, perfect for keeping your house warm.

Slimmer Sightlines

More glass means more sunlight entering the home, so tilt and turn windows will help brighten up your living space.


Liniar tilt and turn windows include the patented bubble gasket which provides a seamless, weatherproof seal that eliminates draughts and resists water.

Wide Choice Of Hardware

We have an extensive collection of handles available, perfect for giving your new tilt and turn window a personal, finishing touch.

Environmentally Friendly

We include a large amount of recycled materials in our tilt and turn windows, creating high-quality products and limiting our environmental impact.

A Rated Windows Fitted As Standard

Every window we install comes A rated as standard. Once our energy-efficient windows are installed by one of our experienced professionals, you’ll be able to notice a reduction in heat loss from the living spaces in your home. Our windows provide superior thermal performance that will save you money in the long term, as a reduced dependence on fuel to heat or cool your home will translate to savings on your energy bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tilt And Turn Windows Function As A Fire Escape?

Yes, they can. When turned on the hinges, tilt and turn windows can be opened wider than other windows and give you an exit point if there’s an emergency.

Are Tilt And Turn Windows Difficult To Clean?

Are Tilt And Turn Windows Secure?

What Colour Choices Are Available?

Can I Replace A Casement Window With A Tilt And Turn One?

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