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Rice Property Services are Nuneaton’s best independent windows and doors installers. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects across Nuneaton, Coventry, Tamworth, Solihull and more. We’ve partnered with Rockdoor to bring their high-quality composite stable doors to our customers. 

Composite Stable Doors

Stable doors are occasionally referred to as ‘half and half doors,’ and they make for very convenient entranceways. Stable doors consist of two separate halves that can be operated independently, so the top half of the door can be swung open while the bottom half remains closed. 

This is great news if you want to increase ventilation but have pets or small children to worry about. Opening the top section of your door lets in plenty of fresh air, but your loved ones won’t be able to go running off. 

Stable doors got their name because they were originally used in farmhouses, but they’ve developed since those early days. Older stable doors were usually made with timber, but our ones are a modern variant. These composite stable doors benefit from contemporary technology to simultaneously deliver a great performance and classic design.

Anthracite Grey
Emerald Green
Chartwell Green
Ruby Red
Light Oak
Irish Oak
Slate Grey
White Cream
Saphine Blue

Features & Benefits

Dual Function Doors

Open the top half of your door for extra ventilation and make your home feel brighter, wider and airier.

Energy Efficient

Rockdoor stable doors are highly efficient and can achieve U-values as low as 0.83 W/m²K.

Rapid Turnaround

We guarantee a fast and efficient delivery and install time, minimising the disruption to your everyday life.

Versatile Designs

Our stable doors come with a range of colours and hardware for wide customisation, covering everything from traditional styles to modern looking doors.

No Warping

Rockdoor composite stable doors don’t absorb moisture, so don’t experience issues with mould, warping or other problems associated with stable doors.

Ultra-Strong Doors

Studies have shown that Rockdoor are up to 35% stronger than a typical GRP door, perfect for keeping your homes, loved ones and valuables safe. 

A Rated Doors Fitted As Standard

Every door we install comes A rated as standard. Once our energy-efficient doors are installed by one of our experienced professionals, you’ll be able to notice a reduction in heat loss from the living spaces in your home. Our doors provide superior thermal performance that will save you money in the long term, as a reduced dependence on fuel to heat or cool your home will translate to savings on your energy bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort Of Homes Benefit From Stable Doors?

Stable doors are commonly associated with traditional homes and rural farmhouses. However, they are more versatile than they once were and we can design stable doors for contemporary properties too.

How Secure Are Stable Doors?

Do Your Stable Doors Have Any Guarantees?

Can I Have A Window In My Composite Stable Door?

Can I Use A Stable Door As A Front Door?

Are Stable Doors Draughty?

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