The Difference Between Roof Lanterns And Roof Windows

The Difference Between Roof Lanterns And Roof Windows

The Difference Between Roof Lanterns And Roof Windows

Here at Rice Property Services, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects since we first opened our doors. A lot of these have revolved around installing overhead glazing and usually involve either roof lanterns or roof windows. But what exactly is the difference?

The two have some similarities, but roof windows and roof lanterns are not the same thing. Roof lanterns (or ‘lantern roofs’ as they’re sometimes called) are larger installations that project upwards from the structure and catch light from multiple directions. Picture a large glass isosceles trapezium and you won’t be far off. In contrast, roof windows more closely resemble regular windows, but are installed in roofs instead of walls. 

The advantage of roof lanterns is that they can catch sunlight throughout the day, even as the sun’s position overhead changes. However, the drawback is that they can only be installed on flat roofs. They’re commonly associated with orangeries and other flat roof extensions and have become increasingly popular in the last few years. 

Roof windows meanwhile don’t catch as much light, but are more versatile. Roof windows can be fitted in flat and sloping roofs alike, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and even have multiple opening options. 

Whichever you prefer though, you’re guaranteed an exceptional service if you work with Rice Property Services. Contact us today to discuss your next project. 

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