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Looking for new French windows? You’ve come to the right place. Rice Property Services are Warwickshire’s premier doors and windows experts and our French windows are second to none. We’ve installed them in homes in Nuneaton, Coventry, Solihull and more. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

uPVC French Windows

French windows are the perfect choice for homeowners who want to bring a cultured, European flair to their property. They’re a traditional design that has been popular for centuries and feature distinctive, wide glazing areas. French windows will flood your home with natural light and help to make it feel spacious and calm.

We work alongside industry experts Liniar and their uPVC French windows are the best on the UK market. Boasting superior thermal qualities, acoustic insulation and security benefits, they’re a welcome addition to any home. They deliver a timeless appeal with modern performance and make a great replacement for old timber windows.

Liniar’s French windows have a range of customisations. There are multiple options for glazing, hardware, finishes and colours, so you’re sure to find the right window for you. We can even include some stunning integral blinds from our partners at Morley Glass. Get in touch with Rice Property Services and see how new French windows can work for you.

More colours available on request

Chartwell Green
Anthracite Grey
Irish Oak
Golden Oak

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Features & Benefits

Slim Sightlines

Our uPVC French windows have smaller sightlines and more glazing, letting in extra light to make your home bright and welcoming.

Customisable Cills

Choose from a range of cills in different sizes and colours to match your bespoke new windows.

Weather Protection

The innovative Liniar bubble gasket forms a complete weatherproof seal around your French windows, preventing water ingress and stopping draughts.

Noise Reduction

Liniar windows have a multi-chamber profile which effectively blocks external noise. Upgrade to triple glazing for an even quieter home.

Environmentally Friendly

Our uPVC French windows effectively retain heat so you’ll use your central heating less and reduce your carbon emissions. They also include multiple recycled materials.

Rapid Installation

We deliver and install our Liniar French windows quickly and efficiently for a stress-free, no-fuss project. 

A Rated Windows Fitted As Standard

Every window we install comes A rated as standard. Once our energy-efficient windows are installed by one of our experienced professionals, you’ll be able to notice a reduction in heat loss from the living spaces in your home. Our windows provide superior thermal performance that will save you money in the long term, as a reduced dependence on fuel to heat or cool your home will translate to savings on your energy bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are They Called French Windows?

French windows first became popular in France during the 16th century. They were actually invented in Italy, but because the style was popularised in France, they became known as ‘French windows’ as the idea spread across Europe.

What Makes A French Window?

Are French Windows Thermally Efficient?

Are French Windows And French Doors The Same Thing?

I Have Children, Can You Make French Windows Child-Safe?

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