Rice Property Services have over fifteen years of experience working in the home improvement sector. We’ve completed over a thousand successful projects in homes across Nuneaton, Coventry, Solihull, Tamworth and the surrounding area. Our team is full of expert installers and we’ll give you a professional service on your next roofline project. 

Fascias, Soffits And Cladding

Our roofline products are provided by Eurocell and GAP and they are all exceptionally high quality. The uPVC fascias and soffits are all manufactured in the UK and are designed to be long-lasting, easy to install and low maintenance. 

Fascia boards and soffits are a key component in the integrity of your roofline. Fascias are boards that are attached to the bottom edge of the roof and run parallel to the exterior wall. Soffits are similar, but they fit between the fascia and the wall itself and connect the two. They’ll protect the home from rain and stop birds from nesting inside your roof.

Cladding is a separate type of fixture but also plays an important part. Cladding is an additional waterproof layer that’s placed on top of the roof and forms a waterproof barrier. It ensures that you don’t suffer problems with rot or mould in the attic. Our uPVC roof cladding is guaranteed for up to 25 years and comes in a range of attractive finishes.

Features & Benefits


Our uPVC fascias and soffits are a crucial part of weatherproofing your home and will withstand high winds and heavy rain alike.

Improved Insulation

Roof cladding is an effective way to improve the thermal efficiency of your home, it forms an extra barrier to help trap heat.

Increased Kerb Appeal

Our fascias and soffits are attractive and will help to increase your kerb appeal, potentially improving your property value.

Different Board Designs

We have three different styles available for both fascias and soffits, all of which include built-in ventilation.


Our roof cladding comprises up to 95% recycled and ethically sourced materials, so is an environmentally friendly choice.

Quick Installation Times

The clip-together fitting systems ensure our roofline products are quick and easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Soffits, Fascias And Cladding Easy To Install?

Yes, they’re some of our simplest products to work with. They’ll fit directly onto your roofline with no trouble and we can have them fitted very quickly.

What Size Soffits Do You Use?

Do Soffits And Fascias Warp In Direct Sunlight?

Can You Help Me Get Rid Of My Old Roof Cladding?

Will I Need Planning Permission For Roofline Work?

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